Hobart Airport Website Hacked By IS

TASMANIA, AUSTRALIA – The Hobart International Airport website remains out of action after being hacked and defaced with “pro-Islamic militant messages”.


The website was taken offline three hours after being hacked about 3:00am on Sunday and has not yet returned.


Tasmania Police have handed the investigation over to the Australian Federal Police (AFP) as the airport’s owners review the website’s security.


Police said earlier the hackers appeared to have targeted the web hosts used by Hobart Airport, and not the airport itself.


Thousands of websites have been defaced in similar attacks since late last year.


Police said there had been no threats made towards the airport or its operations.


Airport operations were not affected.


The website has a message stating the page is not currently operating, but the hacked message is still visible in search engine results.


In a statement, the airport’s operators said website security was being reviewed with its IT service providers.


“Website defacing is a type of attack on a website that changes the visual appearance of a website,” the statement read.


“The airport website was defaced with pro-Islamic militant messages.”


In a brief statement, a State Government spokeswoman said policing for Hobart airport remained the responsibility of Tasmania Police.


She said the Government had expressed disappointment over the removal of AFP officers, but had full confidence in Tasmania Police.


AFP officers have not been stationed at the airport since last November.


Passengers seeking information about flights were advised to check with relevant airlines.

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