IGP Warns Against Politicising Paulsen’s Arrest

Kuala Lumpur – Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar today warned “certain quarters” against politicising or manipulating the arrest of lawyer Eric Paulsen.


“Do not do anything with malice and conspire to foment racial and religious sentiments in the name of freedom that can damage and destroy the fabric of the cosmopolitan society,” he said.


Paulsen was arrested in accordance with the law to maintain the harmony and peace among the people of various races and religions, he said in a statement.


Paulsen, co-founder of the human rights and law reform initiative ‘Lawyers for Liberty’, was arrested at 9.40 pm yesterday in Brickfields here, as tweeted by Khalid.


The lawyer is alleged to have claimed in a Twitter post that the Islamic Development Department of Malaysia (Jakim) promoted extremism through Friday sermons. The tweet was said to have been removed after it drew criticism from various quarters.


Khalid said the people should not take lightly the peace in the country and should refrain from harping on racial and religious sensitivities as they would lead to serious security implications.


The police will take firm action against anyone who breaks the law in this country so as to protect the right and freedom of the people to live in peace without instigation by parties that have any implicit agenda,” he said. Bernama

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