Masturbater On London Public Bus Turns Out To Be … The Bus Driver!

LONDON — There are times when a man needs to relieve stress. But there’s a time and place for everything, as a London bus driver is learning after he was filmed on November 7, 2015 apparently engaged in the act of self-pleasure on the upper deck of his bus.


North London residents Mohamud Mohamud, 38, and his brother Hazma, 26, were reportedly smoking outside their home in Ilford when they noticed an individual rocking back and forwards on the top deck of an empty London public bus. After realizing what the man was doing, Mohamud started filming with his phone and now the unidentified bus driver will be Internet-infamous for generations to come.


The brothers say they confronted the driver, who denied the charges, but after seeing the video evidence, he begged them not to share the footage. The brothers said they decided to release the video as children frequently ride that particular bus route, and because they believe the driver plainly wanted people to see his public act of indecency.


Transport for London confirmed the incident and have identified the driver who’s been suspended while an investigation takes place.-Huffington Post

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