Two Friends Dead Moments After Having Nasi Kandar

Alor Setar – The joy of hanging out with friends while savouring a scrumptious meal of nasi kandar ended in tragedy for a group youngsters when they were involved in a road accident that caused the death of two of them.


The incident that occurred at around 4.15 am saw Mohd. Izuan Che Azam and Mohd Haniff Ramlee, both 18, die at the scene after suffering severe head traumas, Kosmo! reports.


They were in a van heading home after enjoying a meal of nasi kandar along with five other friends, Muhammad Alif Hakimi Abd. Rahman, 18, Nur Atiqi Shafie, 20, Abd. Hafiz Azizan, 21, Adnan Mohd Zaki, 21, and Mohd. Zambi, 30. All five were injured in the incident.


At a traffic junction, the van turned right without stopping first and that was when it was hit by a trailer truck. The collision caused the van to be dragged as far as 30 meters.


Aliff Hakimi said that at the time of the incident, the van was been driven by Adnan Zaki while the rest of them were sound asleep. He said he only gained consciousness after he was thrown outside the van from the collision.


“When I woke up I saw Izuan lying motionless while Haniff was in critical condition inside the van,” he said.

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