MAS Meets Next-Of-Kin Of MH370 Victims From China

Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has met with three out of the 15 next-of-kin of flight MH370 victims from China who turned up at the airline’s headquarters in Subang today.


MAS in a statement said the meeting was held between the company’s Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ahmad Jauhari Yahya and the trio.


“The three next-of kin presented a letter to MAS which the airline will respond with a written reply, as requested by the next-of-kin within the next few days.


“MAS has offered care giving assistance by Mandarin speaking staff to these next-of-kin,” said MAS.


MAS also said whilst the airline continues to regularly communicate with the families via its Family Communications and Support Centre (FCSC) in Beijing, it is in no position to provide any further clarification or technical information on the fate of MH370 other than what is already available in the public domain.


“Since the beginning of the accident, the airline has given its full commitment to the investigating authorities and all available information has been provided.


“The information provided to MAS regarding the results of the investigation, will be shared with the families, when the same is available.” – Awani

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