Selangor MB Fiasco: A Dangerous Wayang Kulit

By : Suraya Nur

The current political turmoil in Selangor over the sacking of incumbent Menteri Besar (MB), Khalid Ibrahim is a blessing in disguise for Selangorians.

It has served to expose Pakatan Rakyat (Pakatan) for what it is. The more matured erstwhile supporters of Pakatan, realising how deluded they have been, have turned away from the party in utter disgust.

The true character of the main players has become clear. To Anwar Ibrahim, his ambition is of overriding importance and this is known to even the most naïve.

Following on his heels is his docile wife, Dr. Wan Azizah who is ever willing to play second fiddle.

While Wan Azizah’s gender should not be a factor in preventing her from becoming MB, her capability as a leader is of paramount importance.

Has she proved her mettle as a politician and leader?

Maybe she would look more professional if she got rid of her fan. The heat in our country can be sweltering, yet having been born here, most of us cope without a geisha fan!

Some will say she held PKR together while Anwar was in prison and therefore is a good leader. Truth be told, it was mainly because of sympathy that party members supported her then.

As a member of Parliament, I do not remember her speaking out on important issues or making her mark in any way. Her lack lustre performance as a parliamentarian is only equalled to her performance as a state assemblyperson.

For her first sitting she submitted ten questions, all of which were rejected by Speaker Hannah Yeoh as they did not follow regulations. If Dr. Wan Azizah cannot comprehend the basics of how the state assembly functions, Selangor is doomed if she takes over.

She has all but admitted that she is Anwar’s puppet, paving the way for him to control the fortunes or perhaps more correctly, the misfortunes of Selangor from prison.

It is clear Dr. Wan Azizah does not have the full support of Pakatan.

However does she have the full support of her own party? It does not seem so, judging from the statutory declaration all Pakatan assemblypersons signed, pledging their support for Dr. Wan Azizah.

Question is, did they have a choice? Is this democracy?

Then, there is Azmin Ali who has always coveted the MB’s post but was cheated out of it twice. Azmin seems determined not to be outdone the third time and is campaigning surreptitiously to be named instead of Dr. Wan Azizah.

Many in Pakatan are not enarmoured with the idea of Azmin as MB. His support among Selangorians is also shaky, to say the least.

So the Kajang Move was conjured up by PKR, if rumours on online blogs are to be believed.

There is a strong rumour circulating in quite a few blogs that the removal of Khalid is a wayang kulit, a grand show mounted by PKR dalangs (puppet masters) to fool the world.

PKR is hoping Dr. Wan Azizah will be installed as MB, for the simple reason that she is deemed the only candidate most likely acceptable to DAP and PAS.

When the dust has settled, Dr. Wan Azizah true to form, will step down so Azmin Ali can take over. Then, all the dalangs in PKR will have full control of the coffers of Selangor.

The Selangor fiasco has stripped the mask off PKR’s top leaders and shown their true motives – that they are more concerned about power and self benefit, both of which are within reach once they get their hands on Selangor’s coffers.

So much for promises of being of service to the people of Selangor.

If snap elections are called, Selangorians must vote wisely. – FMT

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