Starbucks Barista Writes ‘Creepy’ Message On Teen Girl’s Cup

LONDON — A smooth Starbucks barista who penned, “Careful. You are extremely hot” on a teenage customer’s cup is now facing backlash for the seemingly harmless compliment in a viral Facebook post made by the girl’s mother who deemed his message ‘creepy’.


After 19-year-old Alex Blaine sent the picture with the incriminating cup to her mother, she published it on the popular Facebook group, ‘S**t London’. From there it went viral and was later picked up by the media.


Not long after, the barista was called out by commenters, with some labelling his message as inappropriate. According to several netizens, the main issue with the message seemed to have been the word “careful”, which could be associated with negative connotations or intentions.


Some however were supportive of the guy and incapable of understanding why the mother, Alex Blaine, and the girl, Laura Roberts, took such a nice compliment as creepy.


A Starbucks spokesperson told the Daily Mail that they’re sorry if the employee’s message offended anybody.-TN

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