British Escape Artist Attempts ‘Buried Alive’ Trick. It Doesn’t Go Well

YORKSHIRE / ENGLAND — Bungling UK escapologist Anthony Britton had a lucky escape last week when his latest death defying stunt literally left him gasping for air.



Britton’s latest charity fundraising stunt, Escape for Li-fe, Buried Alive, involved him attempting to escape from a grave, a trick that even the great Harry Houdini once tried – and failed.



The stunt, at Slaithwaite Spa in Yorkshire, saw him buried alive under 6 feet, or 5 tons of soil.



But things didn’t go to plan as the pressure of the soil crushed him, breaking one of his ribs as he tried to dig his way free.



After around 9 minutes underground, rescue crews had to pull an unconscious Britton from the soil and revive him using oxygen.



It’s not the first time Britton has almost died in the name of his craft. In 2013 he barely escaped from his Lucifer’s Chamber stunt after the wind changed direction and he caught on fire.



A relieved Britton says he will now take a few weeks to recover before deciding upon his next move.-TN

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