Dr M: If I Am The Present Prime Minister, I Would Resign

Kuala Lumpur – Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad continued his offensive against Putrajaya today, saying he would step down were he the prime minister of the current administration.

The former prime minister accused Putrajaya of failing to provide strong leadership and put Malaysia on the right path to development.

“If I am the present prime minister, I would resign,” Dr Mahathir said when asked by the audience on what his successors had failed to achieve and what he would do if he was still head of the government today.

Before that, Dr Mahathir had criticised Putrajaya’s various transformation programmes, calling them populist measures to win approval rather than develop the nation.

He also lashed out at the government’s continuation of direct cash handouts in the form of the 1 Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M), saying it was only promoting public dependency on government support.

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