Minister And MP Burn It Up On Twitter

Kuala Lumpur – Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan and Serdang Member of Parliament Ong Kian Ming took to Twitter today to argue over incinerators.

This came after Abdul Rahman’s Twitter team, @GoTeamRD, posted that such a facility would resolve the foul smell in Taman Beringin here.

They were conversing after Abdul Rahman had held a press conference earlier today, urging the public not to oppose incinerators based on emotions.

“Minister lying about getting rid of the smell from Taman Beringin, the transfer station won’t be upgraded,” retorted Ong, who is also a lecturer, in a tweet in which he tagged GoTeamRD, Abdul Rahman’s personal account as well as the ministry’s Twitter account.

Abdul Rahman tweeted that it was an insult to Ong’s profession to call people liars when the latter was not privy to all the information and was ignorant of the facts.

Ong replied that he had read through all the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PreQQ/pre-q) tender documents and updates while also questioning whether Abdul Rahman had done the same.

“You are talking about waste-to-energy plant’s Pre-Qualification. I’m talking about transfer stations where the smell comes from. You are good at spinning, YB!” tweeted Abdul Rahman, referring to the Yang Berhormat title bestowed on elected representatives.

“Will the incinerator solve the smell problem from the Taman Beringin transfer station?” asked Ong in return.

Abdul Rahman replied that they planned to turn the transfer station’s exposed bunkers into negative pressure chambers, preventing the foul smell from escaping.

Ong replied by asking if any public announcement was made on the matter as, if this was the case, he was sure residents would welcome it.

“Before asking me to reveal the foul odour plan for the transfer station, why don’t you apologise first for calling me a liar?” demanded Abdul Rahman.

“You have been misleading the people, saying that the incinerator will solve the smell problem at Taman Beringin,” Ong retorted.

This prompted Abdul Rahman to claim that Ong’s statement showed the latter wanted to be seen as a politician first and then an intellectual.

“I want to see the right thing being done. You put the cart before the horse, propose an incinerator before solving the Taman Beringin problem,” replied Ong.

“The incinerator is a complement to the Transfer Station. How many times must the government say that to you?,” asked Abdul Rahman, to which Ong replied that this was not reflected in the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire.

Abdul Rahman was adamant that Ong had erred in calling the former a liar, asking the latter to explain himself.

To that, Ong said: “I called u a liar based on the tweets of @GoTeamRD, please go whack the admin if the tweets were not correct.”

The two have since stopped replying each other.

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