Esscom SOP To Be Reviewed And Cops Will Take Charge

Kota Kinabalu – Restructuring of the Eastern Sabah Security Command (Esscom) will also include revamping its standard operating procedures (SOP).

Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi also said there would be no rotation between the army and police for the Esscom operational division, as announced a few months back.

“The Royal Malaysian Police will take over the operations of Esscom on July 15.”

He described the existing SOP as “not perfect”, thus creating room for improvements.

“We are reviewing the SOP because we feel there is room for improvement. We feel no SOP is perfect, but it depends on the situation and the changes need to be sensitive to what the demands are and needs from the public as a whole.”

He was speaking when attending the Majlis Iftar-cum-breaking of fast with agencies under the ministry at the Sabah police headquarters in Kepayan here today.

He also described the appointment of Esscom Security and Public Order Division director Deputy Commissioner Datuk Abd Rashid Harun as the Esscom commander in charge of the intelligence, security and defence as well as operations division in the Eastern Sabah Security Zone (Esszone)as the right choice, based on his experience.

The fate of its director general, Datuk Mohammad Mentek, will be decided by the Prime Minister and the National Security Council.

Zahid said the revamping of Esscom comes with greater responsibilities and called for cooperation from all security agencies, non-governmental organisations and local community leaders to beef up security in Sabah, particularly the Esszone areas.

“We have recently crippled a kidnapping bid by seven gunmen in Semporna, and that’s just among our successes.

“But we do not want to talk much about it because to us, what’s more important is that we are always ready.

“When dealing with such situations, it is not just about having the right assets and manpower, but also intelligence and information gathering, meaning good collaboration between our security forces and the counterparts in the Philippines.

“Sabah is part of Malaysia and ensuring security and safety of its people is our responsibility.”

On another development, Zahid urged fish farm bosses to stay away from their premises, especially at night, to prevent them from becoming kidnap victims.

“We also do not want any traitors at fish farms or resorts, because if they are found to be informants, they will face similar action as the kidnappers.”

In the recent kidnapping bid at a fish farm at Kampung Bangau-Bangau in Semporna, a Kelantanese couple’s decision to stay on the mainland saved them from becoming victims of seven armed men who came to their farm three days ago.

The frustrated robbers instead fled with several electrical goods, including a television set.

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