Revoking My Passport, Doesn’t Mean I Will Stop – Ali

Kuala Lumpur – In his most recent Facebook posting, Ali Abd Jalil wrote, “I was born in Malaysia, I grew up in Malaysia… Proud to be Malaysian!” after which he posted the lyrics of “Home Sweet Home”, a song by Evil Conduct, that one can safely assume mirrors his feelings regarding his own homeland.

A little earlier, Ali took to Facebook, ranting at the Malaysian government for revoking his Malaysian passport yet maintaining he was unfazed by this latest development as it would be easier now for him to obtain asylum.

He posted, “Revoking my passport, doesn’t mean I will stop… in fact it’s easier for me to show proof that I am eligible for asylum now…”

Ali also berated the Malaysian government for treating him like trash while he was in the country and vowed to tell the whole world how unjust Malaysia and her royalty was.

“I was treated worse than a criminal, the government treated me like trash… Let the whole world know how tyrannical the Malaysian government is… a nation of nine idolised Sultans.”

Proudly brandishing his asylum card hours earlier on Facebook, Ali said he was now under the protection of the United Nations and the Dublin asylum agreement.

He also wrote: “I am no longer subject to the…laws of the Umno government and the sultan… this is not Malaysia…

Launching an attack on the Malaysian police and judiciary, he said they lacked integrity and credibility and had lost the trust of the people.

In a much earlier posting, Ali wrote that he was happy that he and sex-blogger Alvin Tan, both wanted for sedition in Malaysia, had finally found their “true path”.

While Ali currently resides in Sweden, Tan took off to the US.

Ali wrote, “We are the first Malaysian citizens to have our passports revoked… we knew this was going to happen, that’s why we left Malaysia…the government of Malaysia treated us like trash, but in the US and Sweden we are treated like human beings.” -Free Malaysia Today

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