Video of ‘UFO Sightings’ In Seremban, Rawang Goes Viral

Kuala Lumpur – UFO fever appears to have gripped Seremban, Negri Sembilan, and Rawang, Selangor, with two alleged sightings captured in several photographs and a video trending on social media.


In the 11-second video, with audio, a large disc-shape UFO is seen hovering over residential buildings and cars parked outside. The UFO is rotating clockwise.


Then suddenly a smaller UFO flies off in the foreground with turbulence from the object’s engines kicking up dust on the ground.


UFO Rawang

The voice of a man in the video can be heard saying in Tamil: “Anne, see on top. It’s big. It is still there.”


A woman then describes the incident: “Not joke. It’s true and just happened few minutes ago.


“Daughter… (she is) studying in ISBAUK College. She sent from there (the video).


“Do you see in Facebook yesterday… it (UFO) tries to land in Seremban?


“It was the same UFO and just appeared in Rawang.


“Everyone took the picture…,” the audio recording ended.


However, readers should be wary of being swayed by the possibility of making first contact with extra-terrestrial intelligence. The UFO in the video bears a startling resemblance to one of the spacecraft in the 2009 South African sci-fi film District 9.


Meanwhile, the picture of the ship coming through the clouds over Seremban also appears on the website


Police have dismissed the “sightings” as nonsense. – Malaysian Insider

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