Jessica Begins Promoting Fashion Brand After Leaving SNSD

Less than a week after being forced out of SNSD, Jessica began promotions for her fashion brand Monday.

“The fashion company, Blanc, unveils the new collection, ‘ECLARE,’ after our first premiere collection was launched successfully,” Blanc’s public relations agency, Hill and Knowlton said in the press release.

“ECLARE was originated from the Latin word ‘Clara.’ It implies the chief designer Jessica’s philosophy of clarity and clearness.

We promise that Blanc will offer fresh-modern-classic designed products to consumers. From now on, we will work as Blanc & ECLARE, showing Jessica’s collections and other partnership projects,” Blanc said.

Jessica’s comment was also included in the press release.

“It’s a bit earlier than I planned, but I am so happy to go one step further with Blanc & ECLARE. Thank you for your unstinting support,” the former singer said.

However, Jessica’s fashion activities signal an end to her relationship with SM. Her fashion activities were cited as a cause of her ouster from SNSD, and it is unlikely that she will return as a member of the group.

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