This Houston Man Has Been Sleeping On His Mansion Lawn For Six Months To Get Revenge Against His Wife

HOUSTON, TEXAS — An elderly Texas man has been living on the lawn of his million dollar mansion for six months following a bitter domestic dispute.



Sharafat Khan, 69, got the boot from his luxurious Taylor Lake Village home back in March when his physician wife Shahnaz decided she’d had enough of him.



After kicking him out, Mrs Khan had the locks changed and has even posted signs warning her neighbors not to feed or help her estranged husband.



Khan has been sleeping on the lawn ever since, and with winter approaching his neighbors are starting to get worried.



But before you start feeling sorry for this seemingly innocent old man, take this into consideration. The couple’s son has told reporters that his mom had suffered decades of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of his father.



And police records back this up, showing Khan was arrested back in 2008 after allegedly hitting his wife.



The son added that his father has refused countless offers of help.



Police have been called to the property around 30 times during the last few months, but they are powerless to remove him as the property is in both their names.



Religious beliefs and arguments over money suggest there will be no swift end to this dispute.-TN

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