New Twist In ‘Monster Chef Murder-Suicide’

The case of the Brisbane chef who allegedly murdered his wife, and then committed suicide has become more bizarre.

7News has learned both her and her killer were known for providing escort services, and each had a website.

The woman’s family has asked for consulate assistance to bring her remains back to Indonesia.

Mayang Prasetyo’s family and friends have gathered in Bali overnight to pray.

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The 27-year-old allegedly died at the hands of Marcus Volke, 28, who took his own life shortly after police found the woman’s remains boiling on the stove in their inner-city Brisbane unit.

Ms Mayang, a transgender person, was a sex worker who sent money home to Indonesia, to support her single mother and two younger sisters.

A prayer service was held on Tuesday night in Bali, in the home where she recently lived.

Neighbours and members of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) community attended, including her friend Albert.

“We never expected she would end up like this, and that her boyfriend would have the heart to do that,” he said.

Ms Mayang’s mother Nining Sukarni says she last spoke to her eldest child, who she refers to as her son, Febri, last Thursday.

She was restless in Brisbane but her mother told her not to fight with Volke, a chef she met while working on a cruiseship.

Ms Nining says Ms Mayang sought her blessing before they were married abroad in 2013, and the couple had visited her home in Bandar Lampung, Sumatra, last year.

She was stunned by the crime, believing Volke to be “kind, polite”.

Ms Mayang was remembered as the backbone of the family.

She paid for her sisters, aged 18 and 15, to be educated, as well as all of her mother’s expenses.

“He was a kind person, cheerful, warm to people, effervescent, always going from here to there,” Ms Nining told AAP.

She told that Ms Mayang adored celebrities, particularly Indonesian soap star-turned-politician Krisna Mukti, and dreamed of becoming “rich and famous”.

She had named herself Mayang after Indonesian singer Mayang Sari, and Prasetyo after a previous boyfriend, she told

Until graduating high school in 2005, Ms Nining said her eldest “grew up as a normal boy” before travelling abroad.

One of the sisters, Gebi, told Indonesia’s SCTV: “Since he was little, he would usually hang out with girls.”

Ms Nining hopes her child’s remains can be repatriated for burial in Lampung.

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