McDonald’s On Red Alert Tomorrow

Kuala Lumpur – The management of McDonald’s have cautioned their staff to be on the alert for Palestinian supporters in Malaysia who plan to stage a nationwide boycott of the establishment over the weekend.

News of the boycott was spread online in efforts to gain support from other like-minded Malaysians.

The call to boycott McDonald’s was based on the belief the international fast food-chain is channelling funds to Israel in the ongoing Gaza conflict that has so far received worldwide condemnation.

In taking precautionary measures for their staff’s safety, the management of McDonald’s advised employees against wearing their regular uniforms to work.

This includes the delivery team who apart from forgoing their uniforms were also told to remove the company logos from their delivery vehicles.

It is believed that the management will not hesitate to shut down the premises if protestors who gather in front of it turn violent as they did in Kerteh and Dungun earlier this week.

Pro-Palestine and Muslim groups are set to stage protests and massive boycotts against pro-Israel establishments and MNCs throughout the month in response to the heavy fighting and great human suffering in Gaza.

Called “The Rage of the Faithful”, the protests are supposed to be peaceful but have turned ugly in two separate incidences in the east coast of Malaysia.

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