303 Trees Planted At L’Oreal’s ‘Citizen Day’

Port Klang – Landscape Malaysia, Klang Municipal Council together with 120 employees of L’Oreal Malaysia planted 303 rainforest trees at Pandamaran Sports Complex here, this morning.

The tree planting event was held in conjunction with L’Oreal’s fifth anniversary of its annual ‘Citizen Day’, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for the community and the environment under the ‘Hutan Kita’ (Our Forest) programme.

Landscape Malaysia chairperson, Tun Jeanne Abdullah said the Hutan Kita programme, which began on Feb 15 2009 at Bukit Kiara forest, Kuala Lumpur has now grown to include schools, hospitals and university compounds, parks as well as mangrove forest in its movement.

“We brought peace when we planted trees this morning because we know how they benefit the environment,” said Jeanne in her speech after planting the trees.

She also urged parents to instill love towards environment to their children as that would contribute to a nature loving society in the long run.

“Parents should teach their children to love nature and I am here today because of my parents.

They taught me to love nature and planting trees was what we did together while I was growing up,” she added.

Landscape Malaysia Executive Director, Othman Suleiman said for the event, three types of rain forest trees were selected namely Meranti, Mata Pelanduk, and Beruas for their own different benefits to the community and biodiversity.

“Meranti is known for timber, Mata Pelanduk provides berries for the birds and Beruas is known to have medicinal benefits,” he said.

Meanwhile, L’Oreal Malaysia managing director Ashwin Rajgopal said they were honoured to be part of ‘Hutan Kita’ programme, an initiative lead by Landscape Malaysia.

“The reason why we support this cause is because we want to leave a positive social footprint for the environment we live in which aligns with our group’s Sustainable Development Commitment as we are becoming more ecological, responsible and more community-driven,” he said.

Also present at the event was Orang Besar Daerah Klang Datuk Abdul Ghani Pateh Akhir who also helped planting the trees with other participants who were mainly L’Oreal staff members.

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