Multimedia Ministry Monitoring Social Media Activities Closely – Shabery

Kemaman – The Communication and Multimedia Ministry is gravely concerned about the promotion of violence and terrorism through the internet.

“Hence why we are monitoring activities in the social media closely,” said its minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek.

However, he said, it was not easy to keep track of every social website which could be freely and indiscriminately misused as a tool or platform for undesirable activities.

“Some developed countries may have taken measures to enhance their effectiveness in monitoring the goings-on in the social media.

“Even so, it is not an easy task because social media users are in the hundreds of thousands daily,” he told reporters at an Adiladha function at Padang Kubu near here Monday.

He said the tedious task in monitoring social websites for violence and terrorism was further compounded by the existence of ‘dark sites’.

“We cannot access these dark sites as they are locked with special codes known only to those with interest,” he said.

Ahmad Shabery said this when asked to comment on the misuse of social media by certain parties in organising international terrorism activities.  –  Bernama

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