Michelle Chong Gets Courted by Casanova Con-Man Online: Here's What She Replied

Local actress-director Michelle Chong was tickled when she received a Facebook message from a stranger two weeks ago.

According to an article in The New Paper, he told her that he loved her Facebook profile and wanted to chat with her. His profile picture showed a middle-aged Caucasian man in a suit and the profile stated he was in London.

Her reply: “Ok! Are you got many money? (sic) I love American men!”

Chong, who took it to be a scam, posted the exchange on her social media accounts.

While some loved her cheeky sense of humour, others berated her.

The comments ranged from “Why you so bad? He sounds quite nice” to “Why you make ang mohs sound like cheats and playboys?”, and the vindictive”You must have been cheated before!”

Shocked by the negative reactions, Chong realised some thought that she was making a fool of her alleged admirer.

Her good humour quickly turned to anger and frustration as she had to repeatedly explain herself on various social media platforms. She also posted three more screen shots of her subsequent conversation with the man.

Accompanying the pictures, she wrote: “To prove to the ignorant people (who scolded me for my slamming the scammers) that this is a syndicate and not A REAL ANG MOH MAN and that they just mass e-mail the same pick-up lines to all potential victims (read: female profiles), I decided to reply to (the man).”

Chong, 37, told The New Paper over the phone that it was obvious the Facebook message was a mass message sent out by a syndicate out to cheat lonely women of their money.

“These scammers will say they love your charming smile, even if your profile picture is that of a cat,” she said.

“Then eventually they’ll ask you to send money to them.” Despite the backlash, many women have also sent messages to Chong, telling her of similar messages they received.

“The funny thing was that many of these scam profiles used the same picture but different names. I don’t know why some people just didn’t get it and scolded me.” – Lollipop

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