Video: Aung San Suu Kyi Laughs On Rohingya Issues

KUALA LUMPUR: The world has been curious as to why Aung San Suu Kyi has remained mum about the genocide of the Muslim-Rohingya minority in Myanmar.




However, a recent video shared by a Rohingya activist reveals the internal dynamics of her relationship with her voters. The viral video reportedly shows her addressing the Myanmar diaspora living in Singapore during her recent visit to the republic.




Haikal Mansor posted the video on 2 December, and included a translation of the Nobel Prize winner’s speech which depicted her chuckling away when an audience member’s question was read out loud by her asking about her government’s stance on the Rohingya issue, especially in countering negative international coverage.




The opposition member who was on house arrest for 15 years read out the questions from the audience during the Burmese People Meeting in Singapore last 1 December, with the audience addressing Suu Kyi as ‘mother’ and himself as ‘son.’




“Dear Mother, we all love you. We all witness the difficulties that confront your new government, most particularly the external fabrications of the Rohingya ethnic cleansing and genocide.




“We the Burmese are fully in support of Mother’s government. So, how do you perceive these fabrications that are causing you ‘challenges’?,” asked the loving son (citizen) in a letter.




Suu Kyi then is seen chucking away and openly agreeing with the allegations as “fabrications” and urged the Burmese public to disregard and counteract these allegations.




“In the end what’s important is we are not swayed or influenced or buying into these fabrications.




“Let me emphasise that, as long as the Burmese people do not believe these hoaxes, then the lie will not become a serious problem – beyond them becoming really annoying,” as Suu Kyi explaining while the audience erupted into thunderous applause. – Malaysian Digest





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