Japanese Man Accidentally Sets Home On Fire During Live Stream

TOKYO — Footage of a Japanese man accidentally setting his home on fire during a livestream and trying to douse the fire with a series highly flammable objects is going viral.



The video begins with the man filming himself lighting an oil match and then soon, dumping the match onto a tissue paper, inside a plastic bag. He soon becomes aware of the fire a few seconds later, and tries to put it out with a small amount of water from a bottle before moving the burning bag next to a wooden cupboard.



The man then attempts to put out the fire with more flammable objects such as a cardboard box and a blanket.



When these didn’t do the trick (as you may have guessed so), the man ran to get more water. But, it was too late. The entire room was on fire and he had to flee.



According to the Mirror, no one was believed to be harmed during the fire. – TN

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