Crazy Man On Drugs Stabs 10 year Old Boy To Death On Public Street

HUBEI PROVINCE, CHINA — A 22 year old man, identified by his last name Ning, randomly stabbed a 10-year-old boy to death in the open on a public street. Ning was a drug addict who often became violent when he used.



The 10-year-old boy had been playing on the sidewalk in front of the family home, an older and younger cousin were with him at the time. When Ning began attacking the 10 year old boy, the older female cousin grabbed up the other child and ran into the house screaming for help.



Ning stabbed the boy over 20 times, but was gone by the time the cousin and other family members returned. The paramedics declared the child dead upon arrival.



Police would eventually locate Ning and followed him back to his apartment. When asked why he stabbed the boy, Ning responded that he thought it was fun. According to family members Ning had gotten high and cut himself several times before.



Ning’s parents have agreed to pay USD $3,000 to the parents of the dead boy and Ning is currently being held in prison. A court date has been arranged for Ning’s sentencing. -TN

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