Ball Python Gets Trapped In Woman’s Gauged Earlobe

PORTLAND — A woman’s pet snake saw her gauged earlobe as a fun place to explore, but the reptile’s curiosity landed her in the emergency room.


On January 23, Ashley Glawe, 26, was taking some fun selfies with her slithering sidekick, Bart, a ball python. Pythons enjoy hiding in holes, and while Ashley was framing the photograph, the snake jumped through.


When she realized what had happened, Ashley called the fire department, but officials sent her straight to the emergency room. There, doctors had to numb her ear, lube up her earlobe, and use some string to separate the snake from her skin enough to pull the reptile all the way through, unharmed.


While in the emergency room, Ashley posted photos of her ordeal to Facebook, which then went viral and led to her doing the media circuit. Now separated once again, Ashley and Bart are reportedly doing fine.-TomoNews

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