Anwar Confident He’s A Free Man

Shah Alam – With February 10 approaching in a matter of days, opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is optimistic that the Federal court verdict on his sodomy case II will side on his favour.


Speaking to reporters after launching Syed Husin Ali’s book, ‘Ethnic Relations in Malaysia’, here, Anwar said that if the rule of law and Justice is upheld by the court, he will not be found guilty of the offence.


“I’m highly optimistic on this matter and despite the fact that there are many people wanting to see me now as a gesture of farewell, I’m still holding my head up.


“This is confidence based on my trust of the law and justice, evidence and truth that I will not be found guilty eventually,” he said.


When asked by reporters on his preparation for an undesirable outcome of the court verdict, Anwar said that he is ready to face it as he had experienced living behind bars before.


“It is a worrying prospect to enter the prison in my old age, my family is my greatest priority now but I have had the experience before. It is surprising how much time one have to read books when you’re in prison. Which is probably what I will do most of the time,” he said.


Anwar added that if he ends up behind bars, Pakatan Rakyat will continue their course as usual and stressed that it is not a coalition manned by his influence alone.


“There are many leaders in Pakatan, not just me alone and every decision made by the coalition is based on discussion among leaders and members in all three parties.


“This coming February 8, Pakatan’s leaders will meet for a meeting to discuss among others the course of actions that we can take depending on the court’s decision as well as to resolve issues within Pakatan, such as the relationship between DAP and Pas,” he said.


Anwar was also asked to comment on Pas’ decision to bring the Hudud bill to Parliarment in March, said that PKR is open to discussion with the Islamist party on the issue.


“However, PKR is more focused on issues of poverty and accountability in the state of Kelantan, especially after the recent floods cause so much devastation to the people. There are much urgent matters that need our attention and I am more inclined to discuss about them than just Hudud,” he said. – NST

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