Kuantan Town Almost Paralysed, Floods Worsen In Pahang

KUANTAN, Dec 4 (Bernama) — The flood situation in Pahang has worsened further following non-stop rain the last four days leaving this state capital almost paralysed and many more victims evacuated to flood relief centres in the state since Tuesday.

Water and electricity supply have been cut off in most areas in Kuantan while roads in and around the town are inundated by up to one metre of water.

It is the same in the suburbs and villages in the vicinity of Kuantan where floodwaters are reported to have reached up to two metres.

A spokesman at the flood operations room at the Pahang police headquarters said as of 11am today, a total of 11,721 flood victims were being sheltered in flood relief centres in Kuantan, Rompin, Pekan, Maran and Jerantut.

He said in Kuantan, 4,148 evacuees were being sheltered in 33 relief centres, Rompin (3,615 in 10 centres), Pekan (2,716 in nine centres), Maran (1,179 in nine centres ) and Jerantut (63 in one centre).

Bernama found most premises of commercial enterprises and financial institutions in Kuantan closed following power outages.

Members of the press also encountered difficulties to operate as most of them are also based in the town.

Residents in low lying-areas and housing estates around Kuantan were also directed to be prepared to move out as rain had yet to abate and furthermore a a rip tide at the mouths of Sungai Kuantan and Sungai Lembing tonight.

Several relief centres were experiencing problems on food supply and other basic necessities as they had been cut off due to the floods.


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