Make Dr M Our Friend, Pakatan Told

Kuala Lumpur – Pakatan Rakyat leaders have been urged to treat former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, the nemesis of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, as a friend, with the common aim of bringing down the government of Najib Razak.


The DAP’s Ariff Sabri Mohd Aziz said in a blog posting today: “I am saying- an enemy to an enemy is our friend. Let’s treat Dr Mahathir as such.”


Ariff, the MP for Raub, said Mahathir’s attacks on Najib, whom he has urged to step down, with a campaign questioning the troubled government company 1Malaysia Development Bhd., were “only the beginning”.


Mahathir “has unlimited access to information”, Ariff said. “Some Umno leaders are also giving him the information. We are only hearing the beginning.”


Ariff said Mahathir had decided that Najib was morally unfit to lead Umno and the country, just as he had decided in 1997 that Anwar Ibrahim was morally unfit to continue as his then deputy.


“The measure by which Najib’s morality is impeached, is the murder case of Altantuya (the Mongolian woman Altantuya Shaariibuu who was killed eight years ago; two former VIP bodyguards have been convicted of the murder).


Ariff said the Inspector-General of Police was avoiding the issue of “the insinuation by Dr Mahathir” – a reference to a mention of Najib in Mahathir’s blog article last week that the Altantuya case should be reopened, to uncover who had ordered her to be killed.


Mahathir had pointedly asked who had ordered Sirul Azhar Umar, one of the two convicted killers, to carry out the killing, in the light of Sirul’s statement that he was acting under orders. Mahathir had criticised Najib for dismissing Sirul’s claim as “utter rubbish” and had pointed out that Sirul and fellow accused Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri were bodyguards of Najib at the time, when he was defence minister and deputy prime minister.


(In court testimony Altantuya was linked to the Navy’s purchase of two French-built submarines, and had a liaison with a Najib associate whose company obtained millions in commissions.)

Ariff said that “if Dr Mahathir suggests the case be re-investigated and reopened, we can be sure he knows more than we mere mortals do”.


It did not matter how many years ago the event took place. “There was somebody killed brutally and no one believes the policemen did the deed while on a frolic,” he said.

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