Worm Found, In Woman’s McDonald’s Fillet-O-Fish Sandwich

SOUTHGATE, MICHIGAN — A Michigan mother might be looking to quit fast food as a new year’s resolution, after discovering her fish sandwich came with extra protein.

The News Herald reports that after getting McDonald’s take-out on Wednesday night, Southgate resident Jerica Klaiss took a bite of her Fillet-O-Fish before picking it apart as part of her normal routine. She claims she does this due to past issues with an autoimmune disorder and open heart surgery.


While inspecting the deep fried patty, she found a worm weaved between the fish and its breading, and quickly became concerned that she had ingested its parts.

The woman went back to the store to complain, but they could only offer her a refund and a corporate number to call. She declined the refund, as well as an attempt to take the tainted sandwich away, supposedly for testing.


Instead, the woman stored the wormy patty into her freezer for safekeeping.


The corporate number initially given to Klaiss turned out to be disconnected, but McDonald’s corporate seems to have already made contact with her. Whether or not the issue has been resolved though remains unclear.-TomoNews

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