Police Investigate Viral Bully Video

Alor Setar – Police have opened an investigation paper on the bully incident involving a Year 6 pupil of a primary school in Jalan Langgar here, which video has gone viral on social media.

State police chief Datuk Zamri Yahya in a media statement today said four police reports had been lodged in connection with the case after the video, which was recorded by one of the perpetrators was uploaded and circulated on social media platforms since Friday.

It was reported yesterday that the two minute bully video has gone viral on social media on social media such as WhatsApp and received over 38,000 hits on Facebook since it was uploaded.

The video showed that the victim was bullied and teased by several pupils in a classroom.

However, the parents of a bully victim had decided to release the perpetrators with only police advice.

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