Web Spinning Spider Found Living Inside Woman’s Ear

CHINA — A woman in China who thought she had been possessed by evil spirits found that a spider was living in her ear instead.


The woman, identified as Li Peng, started hearing a mysterious scratching noise inside her head and thought she was possessed. She decided

to go to a temple and pray, but the noise didn’t go away.


Then she tried taking painkillers and migraine medicine, but her symptoms got worse. When she finally went to a hospital, a doctor found a

spider who had set up home in her left ear canal and had even started weaving its web.

The doctor said each time he tried to remove the spider, the animal would react violently and cause the patient more pain. Eventually, he

used a few drops of medicine to calm the spider before pulling it out with a pair of tweezers.

According to the doctor, the spider may have entered the woman’s ear after she climbed a tree to pick fruit during a hiking trip.-TN

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