UCC Shooter Chris Mercer Was IRA Fan, Enjoyed Virginia Reporter Killings

ROSEBURG, OREGON — Authorities have identified the man responsible for Thursday’s tragic shooting at Umpqua Community College that

saw ten people gunned down, including the shooter, as 26-year-old Chris Harper Mercer.

Mercer reportedly moved from California to Oregon in 2013. According to the San Jose Mercury News, he is a 2009 graduate of the Switzer

Learning Center, a school for people with learning disabilities and emotional issues.

Found via The Guardian, his Spiritual Passions dating profile is nothing out of the ordinary. Mercer identifies himself as mixed-race, a fan of

sci-fi, killing zombies and conservative politically. He wrote that he is shy, a fan of punk music, enjoys exercise and was looking for a soul


Though, a Myspace page, widely attributed to Mercer, shows that he was a supporter of the Irish terrorist group, the Irish Republican

Army.The page is littered with pro-IRA imagery, as well as one video. The IRA’s aim was to remove Northern Ireland from the United

Kingdom, creating an Irish republic that encompassed the whole of the island of Ireland.

There is also a photo where Mercer is apparently posing with a rifle, although he writes that you can’t see the bottom of it.

Heavy.com discovered, among other things, that Mercer was an avid user of torrents, sharing many videos and other files across the web.

He was also a regular blogger at Kick Ass torrents. In one post discussing the Vester Flannagan shooting, in which two Virginia journalists

were killed on camera, Mercer wrote of Flannagan:

“I have noticed that so many people like him are all alone and unknown, yet when they spill a little blood, the whole world knows who they

are. A man who was known by no one, is now known by everyone. His face splashed across every screen, his name across the lips of every

person on the planet, all in the course of one day.

“Seems the more people you kill, the more you’re in the limelight.”

He adds that: “If anyone gets the chance, go on youtube and see the footage of him shooting those people. It’s a short video but good


On October 1, Mercer entered Umpqua Community College armed with four weapons, including a long gun and hand guns. The resulting

shooting saw 10 people, including Mercer, killed and seven injured.- TN

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