Melati ‘Prostitute’ : We Will Report To The Authorities To Stop Them – Gobind

Shah Alam –  DAP today denounced what it called “offensive, distasteful and disrespectful” remarks against party recruits Dyana Sofea; Syefura Othman, better known as Rara; and Jamila Rahim, also known as Melati.

Speaking to reporters after lodging a complaint with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) today, the party’s National Legal Bureau Chairman, Gobind Singh Deo, spoke of two statements that “crossed the line and have personally affected Dyana, Rara and Melati.”

He said the statements contained remarks that were in “direct offence” of Section 3(3) of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998.

“We hope for an expedited investigation,” he said.

One of the statements was featured in under the title “Melati better off being a prostitute” and the other in a Free Malaysia Today commentary piece titled “DAP dan politik onani” (DAP and political masturbation).

“Such attacks have been going on for a while with the aim of tarnishing the image of DAP and its members, but there’s a limit to everything,” Gobind said.

“We don’t mind political debate and differences of opinion and we are open to criticism. But these attacks are personal, offensive, and contain elements that tarnish personal reputation.

“We will report to the authorities to put a stop to them.”

Dyana Sofea, Rara and Melati were also at the press conference.

“These attack are against women in politics in general and are degrading,” Dyana said.

“We are exercising our rights to join any legal party of our choice and there has to be a sense of maturity regarding this.”

Rara said the attacks degraded the image of women everywhere and were used to discourage women’s involvement in politics, especially if they were to join an opposition party.

Melati, a direct target of the statement carried by, said, “People have questioned my religion of Islam and called me a prostitute. I’m still a Muslim regardless of my political affiliation.

“These statements are offensive to me personally and to my family.”

Gobind said DAP was considering defamation lawsuits against the offending parties as the next step.

“We are Malaysians and we respect our women and I hope appropriate actions are taken,” he said.

Gobind pledged to bring up the matter of women’s rights and their role in politics in the next parliament session. – FMT


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