Woman Donates RM10,000 In Blank Cheque To School

Kuala Lumpur – A 76-year-old illiterate woman handed over a blank cheque to the management of SJK(C) Confucian, telling them to fill in the amount of RM10,000 on her behalf to be donated to the school’s building fund.

The donor whose name is Huang Yan Jiao humbly said, “I know ten thousand is not a big amount, but as long I can help, I am happy to.”

When asked about her large donation, Huang explained it was part of the money her children had given her over the years that she had painstakingly saved.

Huang also said she wanted to donate towards the school’s building fund because she appreciated the importance of an education, having been deprived of one herself.

She told this to reporters when she was invited as the school’s guest of honour during its 48th alumni celebrations.

Huang also said that the grand reception given to her was unnecessary although much appreciated. A shy woman, Huang only agreed to speak to reporters after much persuasion.

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