Umno Deserves To Be Insulted – Alvin

Kuala Lumpur – Controversial sex blogger Alvin Tan defended his criticisms of Umno saying “they deserve to be insulted”.

Tan made this statement on a Facebook posting where he also lashed out at his critics who have called him racist.

He wrote, “Since when insulting UMNO mean insulting Malays? That’s the problem with race-based parties, isn’t it?”

Sounding defiant and saying he was not a “racist to be scorned”, Tan also asked, “How can we have meaningful political discourse, if every criticism of UMNO is taken to be a racist remark?”

These statements were made by Tan in response to criticism from numerous parties that have slammed him for his past online postings.

UMNO Youth Exco, Nazir Hussin Akhtar Hussin even went a step further by blaming DAP for Tan’s arrogance, saying the opposition party had planted seeds of racial hatred in the hearts of the nation’s younger generation.

He also urged the government to retain the Sedition Act 1948 precisely for cases such as Alvin’s so it would be a deterrent to others.

Meanwhile, MCA had equally harsh words for Tan, calling him a disgrace to the country.

MCA Vice President, Wee Ka Siong said “such behaviour can ruin the good name of our country and people.”

“I don’t understand why Alvin is acting in this manner by tarnishing the image of his country and its esteemed leaders on his Facebook page,” lamented Wee.

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