Militants Planned to Launch Terror Campaign in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur – A local media today reported that the 10 militants detained by police recently are part of a new terror group that had planned to strike foreign embassies, entertainment outlets and places frequented by Westerners.

The New Straits Times reported the group was ready to launch a sustained terror campaign in Malaysia, including Western and American interests, and that they were not averse to using violence to fight secularism.

The daily claimed the new group had planned to carry out an attack on entertainment outlets in Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar, here. Six pipe bombs were placed in different parts of the area. However, they failed to detonate after they were soaked by rain.

The group had reportedly been inspired by Jemaah Islamiyah and Kumpulan Mujahiddin Malaysia and had copied the two terror groups’ playbook, revisited their foiled plans of attacks and was ready to carry them out.

The militants were arrested early this week in Kedah and Selangor and police said they are tracking more people from the group.

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