Fernandes To Accompany Nisa Back Home

Kuala Lumpur – With a heavy heart, Group CEO of AirAsia Tony Fernandes sent out a sad tweet just minutes earlier informing his Twitter followers that he was touching down in Surabaya today to accompany the remains of flight attendant Khairunisa Haidar Fauzi back to her home in Palembang.

Fernandes tweeted: I’m arriving in Surabaya to take Nisa home to Palembang. I cannot describe how I feel. There are no words.

Fondly known as Nisa to those close to her, Khairunisa was among the first few bodies retrieved from the Java Sea where the AirAsia Indonesia flight QZ8501 crashed Sunday after encountering bad weather.

The decision to accompany Khairunisa home was made earlier when Fernandes tweeted on December 31, “If our beautiful and wonderful crew is identified we will go from Surabaya to Palembang with her parents. Heartbreaking soul destroying.”

Khairunisa was identified because her name tag was reportedly still attached to her uniform.

Her father, Haidar Fauzi, in remembering his daughter, told the Sydney Morning Herald, “We only borrowed our daughter from God and now he has taken her back.”

He also said, “This is what we expected, and the sooner the body is returned, the sooner we can have her back,” adding that she would have put the lives of her passengers before her own.

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