Don’t Reward Political Supporters With Council’s Posts – Activist

Tawau – The government is strongly urged to appoint only those who are capable and willing to serve the people as district councillors and not political supporters as a form of political reward.

Social activist Datuk Chin Chee Syn said this is to avoid being tagged by the public as being only capable of appointing ‘supportive cowboys’.

Chin said the councillors must be appointed according to their professional qualifications and known record for serving the people. The nomination and appointment should be made transparently without bias to any individuals.

He said the councillors should perform their duties effectively for better development of Tawau.

As a concerned citizen, he will monitor the performance of the newly appointed councillors for 2015, and will, without fear or favour, openly criticise those who are not performing well, or even officially complain to the Minister of Housing and Local Government.

“Hence, I strongly urge these individuals to do self-assessment as to whether they would be able to serve the people or not, otherwise they should just sensibly decline the nomination.

“It is apparent that basic development of Tawau has seriously lagged behind when compared to the other major districts/towns. I hope the newly appointed councillors will strive hard to ensure the district’s enhanced development in the coming future.

“It is learnt that a majority of the Chinese councillors here are likely to keep silent and only a small number of them are prepared to bravely fight for their rights and people’s rights. If we want the district of Tawau to be further developed, then we should elect genuine talents,” he pointed out yesterday.

Chin reckoned that the people’s interests and future would be disregarded if these ‘political cowboys’ are appointed as they would only be concerned to please their political masters and not the people.

– TheBorneoPost

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